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What's Growing in Our Gardens?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

The Hive Mendocino Cooperative has the ability to offer our clients various cultivars and harvest dates due to the nature of our group. While we all share the same Simply Clean certification from The Cannabis Conservancy, live in Mendocino County, and adhere to the same strict code of conduct, we are all still very unique farms. Some of us cultivate inside greenhouses, allowing us to have multiple harvests through summer and fall, while others integrate auto-flower cultivars to expand their harvest dates. We also collaborate to share some of the same strains, ensuring we have batch sizes for all types of clients and their needs.

We’re growing classics, like the fun Blue Dream with citrus fruit and cedar aromas and a sweet lemon tasting profile. Blue Dream is known for its powerful cerebral effects that leave you in an uplifted, dreamy state. Our Lucid Dream is a hazy cross of Blue Dream with blueberry notes and stress-relieving properties. We have some tangy varietals, like Tangie, Fruit Tartar, and Lemon Jack, all sure to leave you feeling creative and uplifted. The Fruit Tartar expresses itself with purple hues - a beautiful sight out in the field. Lastly, we have some cakey options: Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and Orange Creamsicle. Both are smooth and creamy with hints of vanilla and tropical fruit, and both offer a unique blend of euphoria and calmness.

We have a little of everything in our hybrid section, so be prepared to have many favorites. On the fruity side, Golden Pineapple, Skunkberry, and Dip n Dots have a nose you will drool over. Both offer an early uplift with a relaxing back end, and the Skunkberry almost always delivers a wave of giggles. Another perfect blend of cerebral excitement and full-body relaxation is La Chisme (a.k.a The Gossip), a great social strain. For the gassy lovers, Motor Breath, J-Medi, Spyrock OG, and Royal Wedding are sure to deliver. All four are excellent hybrids, offering relaxation without the crash. The classic Headband X Cinderella 99 will satisfy those looking for an uplifting hybrid that’s great for day time use, and the always-in-demand GSC will have customers in awe of its colors and potency, offering users full-body relaxation and an intense cerebral high. For a more floral aroma, Helena provides relaxing effects to those who just want to chill out.

Our indica line up is always a favorite among clients due to our wide selection of marvelous cultivars. Our kush strains include Long Valley Royal Kush, OG Kush, Lime Pop Kush, and Royal Kush, all beautiful prospects that offer unique flavors and effects ranging from relaxing and creative, to a sedative and heavy body high. Our OGs, Orange Hill OG, Scott’s OG, Tahoe OG, ChemDOG, and 3 Bears OG, are all heavy-hitting cultivars that come in a range of flavors and colors. The ChemDOG is known for its high potency, as is Tahoe OG. For the cookies lovers, we have GMO Cookies, a heavy indica often used for sleep and pain relief, and for those who are wanting gassy and potent varietals, we have Mandelbrot Oil Spill, Formula 1 F2, and Gorilla Breath. We also have indicas with sweet and/or fruity tasting profiles, such as My Ruca (which smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher!), Mendo Crumble, Ice Cream Cake, and Slurricane. That Slurricane is pungent and hard-hitting, and our Ice Cream Cake offers a unique euphoric sedation unlike any other. Of course, we can’t forget about the Moon Drops, a sleep-aid with pretty purple tones and a dense bud structure.

If you’re a buyer who wants to reserve a batch of one or more of our cultivars, reach out to us today! Pre-orders are already flooding in, and we don’t want you to miss out on your favorite strains. Please fill out a Wholesale Account Form to start the process.

Photo by: Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

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