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Learn from the Hive Co-Op Model

Our co-op model makes us strong, resilient, and profitable. However, as the third registered cannabis co-op in California, setting up our organization, membership structure, and compliance practices took significant investment, research and work. Now, we make it easy for you and your partners by sharing our hard-earned lessons and best practices. 

Web-Based Learning

Hive Mendocino offers a host of live and on-demand webinars and resources that provide hemp and cannabis businesses the chance to pursue professional development and learning online.


Contact Hive Mendocino for a list of on-demand webinars available for your team. 

Educational Services

Are you interested in face-to-face training, live Zoom sessions, or one-on-one mentors for your cultivation team?

Reach out to the Hive Mendocino team to schedule your customized educational classes and online webinars. 

Starting at $500 per session


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