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"Being in our co-op has made it easier to reach buyers so we can keep our focus on cultivating exceptional quality flower. It makes it easier for the buyers too - they have access to many farms from one account manager.”

Sara O'Donnell - Sweet Sisters Family Farm

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Our Cooperative

We formed the Hive Mendocino Co-Op to be a bridge between Mendocino's craft cannabis farms and buyers from brands & distributors throughout California. When you work with Hive, you have an experienced wholesale partner making it simple and easy for you to purchase (or sell) Mendocino County's renowned craft cannabis.

Our Founding Story

We knew that in order to supply craft cannabis to the masses, we needed to come together and collaborate. 

Hive Mendocino was formed by a diverse group of farmers based in Mendocino County, all passionate about cultivating high-quality craft cannabis. We came together out of a necessity to find an economically-feasible approach to sustainable craft-cannabis cultivation and out of a passion for the industry we love and want to protect. We are fathers and sons who have grown up in this industry together, we are friends who have met at board of supervisor meetings, we are husbands and wives working and living together, we are mothers and daughters dedicated to making medicine, we are boyfriends and girlfriends, we are former trimmers who wanted to commit our lives to cultivation and we are business owners.

If you are a legacy cultivator or a first-generation producer, you know being nimble and patient is one of the keys to success in the ever-changing regulated market here in California. Together we bring each of our own unique skills to the group and we tackle this new world as a united team just as the bees build a hive. One honeycomb at a time.

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What We Believe

Hive Mendocino is committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices across all our operations. It is our policy to act responsibly in our day-to-day relationships with our members, customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

These principles are embedded in our business, processes, and interactions. Our Hive's existence is not one sided. It's part of a bigger ecosystem of people, values, other organizations and nature. We believe it is our responsibility to support those causes. Each of our members engages actively with the community organizations listed below.

Organizations We Serve

Anderson Valley Food Bank

Anderson Valley Foodbank

For more than a decade the Anderson Valley Food Bank has been managed by a volunteer led group of community residents. With oversight and resources from the Fort Bragg Food Bank and nearly all funding from an annual donation drive, this group has maintained a steady supply of healthy options for those in need.

If you or a neighbor have extra garden vegetables and fruit from your backyard fruit trees, please consider making a donation on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Boonville Methodist Church between 3 pm and 3:30 pm. 
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Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino

The Cancer Resource Centers of Mendocino County is a grassroots organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those in Mendocino County faced with cancer. Our vision is that no one in Mendocino County will face cancer alone.

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Willits Community Services Food Bank

Willits Community Services began in 1981 as an attempt to bring much needed human services to central and north inland Mendocino. WCS initially began as a food closet. Its scope expanded as demands for additional services were recognized. WCS is now a regional, multi-service agency, providing comprehensive safety-net services in the area. WCS was incorporated in 1984 and continues to provide essential human services to the people of the greater Willits and north county areas.

The mission of Willits Community Services (WCS) is to strengthen individual and community resources through local planning, development, implementation, and accessibility of human services that can help safeguard, maintain, and enrich the well-being of our community.
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