“Hive is a confluence of experience, innovation, and sustainability.”

— Sara O'Donnell, Sweet Sisters Family Farm

Members of Hive Mendocino all have one thing in common - we grow exceptional, high-demand cannabis in Mendocino County. Our farmers value sustainability, integrity, and teamwork, and all of us ensure that these values are woven into every aspect of our work and craft. We embrace the idea of expanding our Hive, and welcome other cultivators that share our same vision of preserving this industry that each of us fell in love with. Whether our plants are cultivated entirely outdoors or inside or in an automated greenhouse, we use our combined knowledge of over 100 years to tackle any obstacle that stands in our way, sharing ideas and supporting one another on the pathway forward.

Hive Mendocino is built upon a set of standards and requirements that are foundational to the continuity of the highest quality in our range of flowers. Our member teammates must reside and farm in Mendocino County and hold a Type 1 or Type 2 cultivation license, and they also must meet the requirements necessary to receive a SIMPLY CLEAN certification from The Cannabis Conservancy. The criteria set by this certification not only ensures our farmers practice excellent attention to detail and constant consideration for our planet, but also encourages production of quality craft cannabis, grown in small batches with sustainable inputs.

In order to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, all of our members also must obtain their distribution transport license. This license gives us the flexibility to deliver purchased products to our clients whenever necessary. When working with our farm members, we foster a culture of collaboration over competition, opting to help our fellow members and support their professional journey. Therefore, we market our products together to represent a larger slice of
the industry pie - an aspect that assists us all in climbing the ladder of success. Supporting our local farmers develops our ability to collaboratively build our capacity as an emerging local industry, encourages community growth, and contributes positively to Mendocino County’s economy.

Members of Hive Mendocino all follow a strict Code of Conduct intended to demonstrate our collective values of  honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness we bring to all aspects of our lives, not just in our cultivation operations. We follow all state and county laws and regulations and remain courteous to our members and community. These morals are displayed across our farms, and new members must adhere to the same principals.

Are you interested in exploring how to become a member of our Hive? Follow the link below to get in touch! We’re excited to learn more about you and your farm.

Landscape pic of Fire Flower Farm with windmill.
Photo by: Fire Flower Farm

Fire Flower Farm


On an old Mendocino County stagecoach route just far enough from town to be mountain living you’ll find FFF.  We are a young family farm of East Coast transplants growing our Mendo roots for over a decade.  We are creators and cultivators of high quality, lab-tested Cannabis, bred for optimal performance. Our focus is on sustainability, for the land, the people on our team, and the business and community of which we are a part. We are a full-season, full-sun farm and we are able to provide fresh, potent produce throughout the year and on-demand.

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Giving Tree Farms

Anderson Valley

Giving Tree Farms is a family-owned and operated farm specializing in artisan cultivation methods and custom cultivars. Genetics are our specialty, and potency, our mistress. In our expansive natural sun and climate-controlled greenhouse growing environments in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County, we meticulously handcraft the world’s most progressive crop before putting each cultivar through rigorous quality control and grading process followed with an R&D lab test to ensure we meet beyond organic standards that far surpass the average—so your company can do the same. Powered by science and watered by hand allows us to deliver the consistency and quality that our customers deserve.

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Giving Tree Farms with lit greenhouses and large trees in the background.
Photo by: Giving Tree Farms
Fake owl in front of Sweet Sisters cannabis farm

Sweet Sisters Family Farm


Sweet Sisters Family Farm is a multi-generational farm in Mendocino County that has been operating off the grid producing high quality, sun grown, sweet flowers for nearly 40 years. Concentrating on local strains that reveal a sense of place in the appearance, nose, taste and effect, you know you are home when you experience a Sweet Sisters product.

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Photo by: Sweet Sisters

Wildercraft Farms

Anderson Valley

Tucked in the hills of the Anderson Valley, Wildercraft Farms’ hugelkultur garden beds are aligned east to west, catching the sun as it tracks from horizon to horizon. We are an off-grid homestead, working to reveal the medicine of our place in every flower. The results are fresh, potent, and clean small-batch cannabis.

Our values of stewardship extend beyond the land to our community, and we prioritize a percentage of our yields for compassion medicine programs. Our motto is Trust Nature, Work Hard, and Bloom!

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Man between large cannabis plants at Wildercraft Farms.
Photo by: Wildercraft
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