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Hive Mendocino Cultivars

Our Cultivars Are Available Bulk Wholesale

We pride ourselves in cultivating cannabinoid-rich and terpene-packed strains, offering both high-CBD and high-THC options that are in-demand and exclusive. Their testing results range from mellow to hard-hitting, and our flavor profiles are all unique and equally desirable. Grown sustainably and with close attention to detail, our cannabis always has the end- consumer’s health in mind.

Our clients have enjoyed the luxury of purchasing high-quality bulk wholesale cannabis at a fair price, so reach out to us when you see a cultivar that intrigues you. Our Account Manager group is here to answer any questions about any of our craft cannabis. 

Click “Learn More” under each strain for an in-depth review of what each cultivar presents to the user.

Use the dropdown above to sort by Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, & CBD 

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