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The Co-Op Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to starting your own co-op

As farmers, we recognized early on that by partnering with our neighbors and friends, we can stay resilient amidst hemp and cannabis market fluctuations. Since founding Hive Mendocino, we've found we can leverage our community to take on opportunities and growth we wouldn't be prepared for as individual businesses. 

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Making it Easy to Create Your Co-Op

Forming a co-op isn't rocket science, but it can be a detailed, tedious process. The decisions, practices, and management processes you establish in your early days will either help you thrive or leave you struggling. 

We crafted The Co-Op Toolkit with our fellow farms and brands in mind. The Co-Op Toolkit is equipped with the lessons, worksheets, templates, and resources you need to start, launch and grow your own cooperative. 

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See Inside The Toolkit: 

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