Let’s work together.

Hive is looking for like-minded brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to support. If you are of the collaborative mindset and want to expand your network, join our Hive.

packaged retail

Whether you are a retailer looking for a farmer-owned brand or a brand looking to source material from a group of farmers dedicated to consistent, quality product known for their diversity and popular cultivars — we’ve got you covered.

Consistent with our standards, your order can always be filled. And if it’s not by us, one of our sister farms will step in to help.


wholesale & bulk

As a cooperative, we specialize in streamlining our offering for our customers. Unique, popular and custom blends can be ordered and delivered in small and large batches on demand. All batches are accessed using a standardized grading system.

We are confident our team can assist in bringing your operations to the next level of fulfillment efficiency.

Reach out and let us know your needs or request a current inventory and price list.


customized Planting & batches

Sourcing material throughout the year and relying on a reactive purchasing model works well for consumers, but can be difficult for a business.

By reserving a batch or customizing a planting, you can lock in a price and genetics while avoiding picking over someone else's leftovers. This buying style helps keep your business going by having the product available when you need it.