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What is “Craft at Scale”

Hive Mendocino encompasses a category of cannabis untouched by most cultivation operations in the state of California. Each of our farms, all family-owned and operated, curate small-batch cannabis locally in Mendocino County, adhering to stricter standards than the norm and focusing on sustainability in every avenue of our businesses. But what makes our craft cannabis so unprecedented is that we can offer quantities larger than other craft cannabis farms can provide. Due to our farms' collaborative mindset and team-orientated approach, our cannabis cooperative displays a menu with various in-demand cultivars, multiple cultivation environments, and an array of harvest dates that bring down quantities suitable for large-scale distributors and brands. This, is Craft at Scale.

What is craft cannabis exactly?

It's touching every plant, customizing each of their needs, paying close attention to the details, and using organic and sustainable cultivation methods. It's the microbrew of cannabis or the premium shelf buds that consumers gravitate towards because they can trust these high-quality products to have their health and enjoyment in mind. It's transparency and integrity. It's supporting the small, local farmer. It's knowing that there is a social responsibility to source cultivation materials within our communities and strengthen our local economies. Craft cannabis is for the consumers who are passionate about what they put into their bodies and understand the importance of sourcing responsibly and voting with their dollar.

What's the difference?

The difference between craft and commercial cannabis is easily defined when you know what specifics to look for. For one, limited canopy space provides farmers the capacity for additional attention to detail, allowing their cannabis plants to excel. This "micro-cultivation" gives the cultivator full reins to be physically and personally involved along the entire production chain, from seed to sale. Additionally, these farmers don't use harmful pesticides because they can identify and manage pest issues within their space in a localized fashion. Craft cannabis also integrates natural sunlight into their cultivation methods, limiting the amount of artificial lighting and calling on the traditional means of growth. The inclusion of hand-trimming methods, a processing procedure that many commercial cannabis farms do not employ, preserves the trichomes, flavor, and bud structure so that each strain is genuinely unique and authentic in its characteristics. Because of our many years of hands-on experience, and the personalized attention we give to each plant, our craft cannabis preserves the individual traits and effects that each cultivar offers, producing a strain-consistent experience every time.

We know it takes extra time, care, and capital to produce craft cannabis, but that's why we do it. We believe all cannabis should be cultivated in a way that honors the beauty of this plant, and it's our self-appointed responsibility to pass that on to those who consume our products. Once our group of farms found each other and realized we all share the same vision and values, we formed a group that could market and sell their products together, lifting everyone to success and creating a standard for the industry. We can provide buyers with the quantities they desire, but at a quality that exceeds the norm.

If you are a wholesale buyer interested in our craft cannabis, please fill out a Wholesale Account form so we can schedule a time to discuss your needs. If you'd like to browse our cultivar selection in the meantime, head over to our menu, and discover the Hive Mendocino difference.

Are you a farm interested in joining our cooperative? Visit our "Members" page for more details.

Photo by: Chris Butler

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