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Edibles, Concentrates, & Flower - How Are They Different?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

One of the many treasures cannabis legalization has brought with it is the assortment of consumption options. It's fun to have a choice between a grape soda and a cookies-and-cream chocolate bar when looking for a cannabis-infused edible, or the selection between a terpy live-resin sauce or a creamy live-resin budder when looking for a concentrate. The assortment of flower options is overwhelming in only the best way, displaying the works of art of farmers from different backgrounds and cultivation styles, then showcasing them in an elegant packaging that seems like an art piece all its own. The various consumption methods each offer a different experience from start to finish, and each method can deliver something the others can't. We hope the information below will help you make an educated decision the next time you’re at a dispensary, and turn your cannabis experience into the best it can be.


There are many ways to enjoy cannabis by eating it, and perhaps that's what makes edibles such an unparalleled experience each time. Chocolates, like these from Garden Society, tablets, like these from Emerald Bay Extracts, capsules, drinks, gummies, and more, all can give us their own individual adventure. Some are made with cannabutter, while others are made with cannaoil, but regardless of their ingredients, a consumer should be careful with edibles when it comes to dosage to avoid an unenjoyable result. The high from an edible will last much longer than other consumption methods, peaking at around 2-3 hours but lasting as long as 7-12 hours. The onset of an edible high also takes a while, usually holding out about an hour before it starts to settle in. This is why it's essential to start with a small dose, wait an hour or two, then take another dose if you feel you want more. Many factors can affect how an edible will react with your body, which is why even the most experienced edible consumer will think twice about their dosage.


There are numerous types of concentrates on the market, such as shatter, wax, rosin, oil, and hash. There are also different extraction methods - some solventless, others that use CO2, alcohol, BHO, or ice water. Concentrates are usually smoked by using a dab rig that consists of a heating element attached to a bong, but concentrates can also be smoked in a vape pen or directly on top of a bowl of your favorite flower. Dosing your concentrates should be looked at similar to edibles: start small, and work your way up. But you will feel the effects of a dab as quickly as smoking flower, so you'll know within ten minutes if you desire another dose. Concentrates are typically between 60-90 percent THC, but they can reach higher than 90 percent in some cases. Compared to flower, which generally sits somewhere between 18-30 percent THC, a dab can be up to five times as potent. Some patients find that this increased potency helps them, especially if they've used cannabis for years and need to consume more to reach desired results. Others simply enjoy the process of dabbing more than other methods.


Some use a pipe, others use a bong, and some prefer to vape it. Either way, smoking cannabis flower will produce a high within a handful of minutes. That means you won’t need to wait long to determine if you want another puff. Because of the rapid onset, dosing is easier to gauge than edibles, and because it's lower in potency compared to concentrates, the chances of overdoing it are much smaller. The high is also shorter than edibles but comparable to concentrates, lasting anywhere from an hour to three hours. The potency of the flower is what will determine how much is right for you, but it's not just THC you want to consider. The way other cannabinoids and terpenes interact with each other has an effect on the intensity and type of high you will experience. If you smoke a bowl of ground buds high in CBD and low in THC, you may not feel high at all, which suits those consumers looking to reap the benefits of the plant without the buzz. Flower products come in joints of all sizes and jarred buds of various amounts, like Lowell Farms' eight-ounce jar of The Gossip flower. But the integrity of the cultivation practices and how well the buds were cured will affect how the flower smokes and how you feel during and after consumption.

Craft cannabis, like what’s grown by the Hive Mendocino farms, is cultivated with only sustainable inputs, is never sprayed with harsh chemicals, and reaches plant maturity through a one-with-the-earth approach. Small batch farmers like ours give the plants the attention to detail they desire, a recipe for producing the best cannabis flower on the market. When searching for natural, sustainable, high-quality cannabis, craft cannabis is the way to go. Reach out to us today by filling out a Wholesale Account Form, and we'll send you a list of our current inventory. You can additionally browse our online menu to see what strains will be available in the near future, and pre-order the cultivars that catch your interest.

Photo by: Damian Barczak on Unsplash

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