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Controlling Your Entire Process From Seed/Clone to Harvest - Can a Cooperative Help?

As farmers, we take pride in our cultivation process. We have learned through many harvests what works and what doesn't, and we are always improving our methods. How we take matters into our own hands decides the height of our success, so it's smart that we look from every angle to find the best possible solution to our puzzle, cycle after cycle.

Some of us like to start cultivating from clones, and others prefer to start from seeds. Whichever direction you want to go, one thing is for certain: if you outsource, you need to choose a verified source. For both seed and clone stock, you want to feel confident about the genetics you are purchasing. Otherwise, you could end up with a crop full of different looking plants all under the same strain, complicating your inventory management and finished product's reputation. This inconsistency can also hurt your credibility with buyers and present difficult obstacles throughout your cultivation venture. Verified plant genetics are a necessity, and if you don't produce them yourself, ensure what you are buying is coming from a fully-trusted source.

If you start from clones, outsourcing can bring up the possibility of cannabis diseases and pests. However, not every farmer has the ability to clone for themselves, limiting their options to only what is available through licensed nurseries. Inadequate clones can dampen, or even ruin, your crop's final output, so finding a verified source will be your only protection against their possible fate. After researching to find a trusted source, you should still inspect your clones upon receiving them, shielding yourself against future mishaps. Clones should be quarantined for a minimum of seven days, as pests and pathogens can remain latent for extended periods of time. To ensure no contaminations are brought into the canopy, they should additionally receive two applications of a bio-insecticide followed by a thorough inspection under a scope.

How can a cannabis cooperative help?

In an attempt to better our cultivation methods, we farmers search for the holes in our system. Whatever efficiency we can improve on, we hop to it, saving us money and unnecessary headaches. This is where we can find invaluable help from the members of a cooperative. By sharing the same vision and values, you can almost guarantee your business methods will be similar to that of your co-op's. And with that similarity, you can find that other's experimental knowledge could benefit your crop as well. Putting your heads together on issues that arise and for the planning of your next crop rotation can strengthen everyone's gain. Use each other's knowledge and the trust you have between each other to build your farms up, ramping up the success of all involved.

When you work with others outside of your cooperative, you risk the possibility of "too many hands in the pot." You receive suggestions from people of all backgrounds and growing styles, introducing possibly-jeopardizing unknowns to your system. This trial and error approach can be like gambling, and you can never be sure there aren't dire consequences. Keeping your trusted circle tight is a great way to fight most of the unknowns, and a cooperative may offer that solution. Without reliance on untested sources to sway your propagation decisions, discussions regarding your procedure and its suspected outcome will glow with confidence, maintaining your trustworthiness in B2B relationships. You present yourself with control over the entire process from start to finish, a delicious recipe for peace of mind.

The benefits of working within a verified and trusted group are priceless. You maintain a consistent product, remove most of the unknowns, maintain control over the end result, and increase the integrity of your process. Joining a cooperative can aid any piece of this that is lacking in your cultivation scene, acting as the trusted circle each farmer seeks. Our cooperative serves as our farms’ trusted circle. We feel confident that all the information we share is verified and valuable. We all bestow the same vision for success, something that lifts all of us to greatness.

Are you interested in learning more about how to become a Hive Mendocino member? Learn more by clicking here. Licensed buyers looking for our extraordinary cannabis flower can fill out a Wholesale Account form to get the process started.

Photo by: Chris Butler

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