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A Cannabis Christmas: Gift Ideas & the Best Hive Mendocino Strain Pairings

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven't picked out a gift for the cannabis lover in your life, we've got a few ideas for you. Typical gifts just won't do - if you're hoping to wow your loved one, these suggestions will do the trick. Plus, we offer the best Hive Mendocino strain pairings for each item. Ask your local dispensary if they have the cultivar in stock!

For the One Who Has It All:

If you really have no idea what your present-receiver wants, the Sensi Box is a great option. This subscription will send unique cannabis-lifestyle gifts right to their door every month. Each box contains a glass item and other fun monthly essentials to look forward to each time. These boxes are hand-curated with the receiver in mind.

Pair this gift with Hive Mendocino's Blue Dream. This well-rounded strain is excellent for any time of the day. Its sweet lemon taste and tangy cedar aroma is a trait that any weed-lover will enjoy.

For the One Who Loves Being in the Kitchen:

If cooking, baking, or mixing cocktails is their thing, Bong Appetit by the Editors of Munchies will offer some fun new recipes to try with their favorite herb as an ingredient. These aren't the typical stoner meals; these are sophisticated dishes you'd see in top restaurants, like weed butter-basted chicken and weed chimichurri. This book breaks down how to infuse cooking oils, milk, alcohol, and more, and even goes into out-of-the-kitchen ideas along the way.

Pair this gift with Hive Mendocino's Orange Creamsicle. This strain has a smooth citrus taste and a sweet, creamy aroma that would do well in a canna-butter or canna-oil.

For the One Who Likes To Roll Up:

Not all cannabis consumers like to enjoy their cannabis by rolling it up in a joint or blunt, but for some, it's the only way. If your gift receiver is one of these people, this RAW "Triple-Flip" Bamboo Rolling Tray will have them jumping up and down with excitement. The tray is three separate pieces that magnetize together, allowing the owner to customize the design to their liking. It comes with a wooden scoop, a cone holder, an ashtray, and tons of space for rolling gear. It can also close up for easy storage.

Pair this gift with Hive Mendocino's Mendo Crumble. This strain gives the user a heavy indica high that will leave their body feeling super relaxed. Its sweet, earthy aroma gives off hints of vanilla that make this a tasty toke.

For the One Who Loves Coffee:

If your stoner-friend also loves their morning cup of joe, Willie's Remedy Hemp-Infused Coffee will surely be a hit. Choose their favorite roast or pick a few for them to try! There's also a great selection of teas available on their site.

Because this coffee is hemp-infused, there's no THC, so pair it with Hive Mendocino's Lemon Jack. This wake-and-bake combo will leave the user ready to take on the day thanks to Lemon Jack's focused sativa high and energizing properties.

If you're a licensed bulk buyer looking for the best wholesale craft cannabis, Hive Mendocino can fill your supply. Please complete a Wholesale Account Form and we'll send you our available inventory list right away! Photo by: OlegMalyshev from Getty Images & izzzy71 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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