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Where Quality Product Meets Supporting Your Small, Local Farmer

When it comes to finding consistent, quality cannabis products, buyers must look deep into a farm's vision and values, search for verifiable certifications highlighting the cultivator's extended efforts, and seek out reviews from a farmer’s past clients to establish a track record of dependability and continued satisfaction.

When you purchase from a cooperative, you can be sure of one thing: these individuals are passionate about what they do. They have come together to share ideas and resources to produce a high-quality product. Some may even call this sector “craft cannabis.” Hive is a Mendocino-based cooperative consisting of farms that all share the same vision and values. We have joined forces to bring you the best quality of cannabis at an affordable price. Start-up costs, marketing programs, and bulk purchases can be major headaches when small farmers tackle them alone. Since we collectively share the costs, we save money and make business a bit more affordable for all of us involved. Not only can we stay operating, but the extra capital we have keeps us from cutting corners, allowing us to invest in our consumers’ health and overall experience, ultimately generating the quality product our purchasers desire.

We as a collective entity have the ability to bounce ideas off of one another and learn from each other‘s experiences. Idea sharing propels us forward more quickly than if we were to go at it alone and helps us to maintain high-quality products that are efficiently produced. Because the member farms are working in tandem, we can advance our product and growing methods much faster with valuable first-hand information and years of industry-specific experience and research.

Sustainability often goes hand-in-hand with cooperatives due to their structure of sharing resources. Our organic nutrients and sustainable IPM regimens can be pricey, but when we collectively order these items in bulk, we all save money, and the world is less burdened by the additional transportation pollution and abundance of plastic packaging materials. There is a new wave of sustainable practices overtaking the world, and rightfully so. New studies are released every day, and consumers are choosing to support this way of farming to protect our world’s future.

As a buyer or consumer, supporting cooperative efforts is a great way to support local, small farmers. We at Hive cooperative are certified Simply Clean by The Cannabis Conservancy, communicating to our consumers that our techniques are sustainable. We strive to do our part in this world and maintain our promise of delivering you delicious, quality cannabis.

If you are a licensed distributor looking to purchase some of Hive’s wholesale product, set up a wholesale account with us and we will schedule a discovery call with you right away!

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