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Fire Flower Farm’s Owner Hildi Gerhart is Highlighted in Variety Magazine’s ‘Women of Weed'

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Fire Flower Farm’s Owner Hildi Gerhart is Highlighted in Variety Magazine’s ‘Women of Weed’

Mendocino County, CA (April 19, 2020) - One of Hive Mendocino’s members, Hildi Gerhart of Fire Flower Farm, was featured in Variety Magazine’s ‘Women of Weed’ and was additionally highlighted by Lowell Herb Co for supplying the cannabis used in their ‘The Gossip’ strain flower products.

Hildi Gerhart, owner and cultivator for Fire Flower Farm in Willits, CA, is highlighted in Variety Magazine, an authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news, for her exceptional cultivation skills, leadership in the California cannabis industry, and for being one of the women pioneering this industry in business and culture. Women play an increasingly important role in the cannabis industry, holding 37 percent of all senior-level positions in cannabis companies, a much higher percentage than the national average of 21 percent.

Lowell Herb Co, a dominant flower brand in California, partnered with Fire Flower Farm to supply their “The Gossip” line of pre-rolls, one-gram singles, and jarred flower. “The Gossip” is a hybrid cross of “Green Crack” and “Cookie Kush” that offers a clear-focused high with powerful sedating properties. Lowell Herb Co donated a portion of their “The Gossip” sales to The Women’s Foundation of California in tandem with Gerhart’s feature in Variety Magazine. They also held an industry event for the product’s release, including an invitation-only brunch, sound bath, and a build-your-own Lowell Bouquet bar.

The Women’s Foundation of California is a foundation that works to achieve racial, economic, and gender justice by focusing on the communities most impacted by systemic injustice. To learn more about the Women’s Foundation of California, visit

Hildi Gerhart cultivates craft cannabis on her farm in Willits, CA, located in Mendocino County. After moving from upstate New York, she created a successful business out of her passion for growing cannabis. Her drive is inspirational to other women in the industry, and her story displays her strength, determination, and ability to cultivate some of the highest-grade cannabis on the California market.

Learn more about Fire Flower Farm, a Hive Mendocino cannabis cooperative member, by visiting


Photo by: Chris Butler

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