IPM Regimens We Love!

A day on the farm is exciting and filled with life, but not all life on the farm is good for the plants. That’s right we’re talking pests, bugs and critters and other diseases that attack our cannabis. If you’ve been around as long as the farms and cultivators in our co-op you’ve pretty much seen it all, from thrips and mites to caterpillars and gophers. When you make a thriving living space in your garden everybody wants to come to the party.

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Sustainable Growing Methods and the Cannabis Industry

We at Hive Mendocino support the idea of sustainable farming practices for a multitude of reasons. We want to see our way of farming the standard because, frankly, it’s what we believe is necessary to play our part in this world. We share this planet with billions of other beings, and it’s our responsibility to use our brilliant minds to protect and find harmony, not destroy the place we call home. 

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Alyssa Shields