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Exceptional Craft Cannabis, Sustainably Grown

We take sustainable cannabis cultivation very seriously here at Hive Mendocino. We know that craft cannabis is meant to be relished, and each strain should offer its own unique experience. We take note of the varying micro-climates and choose genetics that flourish in our area. And because we're a collaborative group of farms, we offer the best and most extensive selection of cultivars on the California market.

Our clients can feel confident that our bulk craft cannabis is grown sustainably and responsibly. We are transparent in our operations and offer farm tours to our verified partners for those who want a first-hand view of what we do. For some, custom plantings are desired, and we work with them to organize a plan that helps us all find success. We strive to create lasting partnerships with our clients when we welcome them into the Hive, so reach out to us with any project in mind.

Our farms all cultivate with their own twist, so we have full-sun cultivars, cold frame greenhouse-grown batches, and climate-controlled greenhouse strains available throughout the year. We also hold a distribution transport license so we can deliver if you're on a rushed timeline. With our collaborative nature, we are able to cultivate small-batch quality at large-scale quantities. And because we care about the environment and the future of farming, we adhere to strict sustainability standards on all of our farms and give each plant the close attention to detail it deserves.

Bulk Craft Cannabis Mendocino.

Simply Certified Cannabis

All of the Hive Mendocino farms are certified Simply Clean by The Cannabis Conservancy. The criteria set by this certification ensures our farmers practice excellent attention to detail and cultivate responsibly with constant consideration for our planet. This is craft cannabis done right.

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Bulk Craft Cannabis Emerald Triangle
Photos by: Chris Butler